Your New Kitten

Welcoming Your New Kitten/Cat

The first few days and weeks can be very challenging for you and your new kitten/cat yet this period of time is important. If you already have a pet at home you will have to take some extra time with introductions before you can expect to have both pets accept each other and live together. You should also have your supplies (litter pan, food and water dishes, toys, water bottle, etc.) ready and all set up when you arrive home with your new addition. The newesr family member should have his/her own litter pan and food/water dish just in case the resident cat does not want to share right away.

First, choose a room in your home that you could house your new pet in for a few days if needed. You may want to have a radio playing classical music at a very low volume in the room when you are doing the introductions and when you are not present.

When entering your home for the first time with your new kitten/cat, let your resident pet sniff at the carrier of the new addition just to let him/her know that you have someone new, cats do not like surprises! Especially when it means they may have toshare their territory and share you!

Next, bring your new addition to the room that you have chosen, being careful not to allow your existing pet to enter, close the door so when you let your new kitten out of the carrier he/she will not go into the main part of your home.

Open the carrier door and allow the kitten/cat to exit the carrier on his/her own. Please do not attempt to pull the kitten out. It is scary to the cat/kitten, for a large hand to reach in to the carrier to pull him/her out! It may take some time but he/she will eventually come out on his/her own. Allow the kitten to investigate the room thoroughly and when he seems to be satisfied, place the kitten back into the carrier and close the door.

Next, invite your existing pet into the room and close the door. Allow your pet to sniff at the carrier; you can expect some hissing and growling at this time. All this time you are sitting comfortably observing and guiding. When your pet seems to have lost some interest, open the carrier door and allow the newest addition to come out into the room. Please have your spray bottle handy. Both pets may hiss and growl but swatting is not allowed. At this time and you must spray who ever swats first and say the word “NO” in a firm voice. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent!

You will want to keep them together in this way until they begin to lose interest in each other. My suggestion, if at all possible, to keep them together, with the safety of both cats, at the fore front. Supervision, by you is important and a must until you are sure they are tolerating each other. It may be necessary, if you work, to keep them separated during your work times until you are comfortable and fairly assured that they are tolerating each other. They don’t have to like each other yet……

Once both pets are getting along, the time is right to allow them to roam your home freely and without supervision. This whole process should not take more than three days, if you are diligent in the introductions and consistent with your water bottle. It is important to remember that three days should be all that is needed to properly introduce your two pets. Isolation for any longer should not be necessary and may be detrimental to the successful introduction of both pets. Of course, there are always exceptions!


Please remember that you may call at any time for advice or suggestions regarding the happy and successful introductions of your pets. We are also available to you in the future for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet(s).

Please remember to send pictures, we always love to see our babies and how they have grown and developed!