Breeding Philosophy

Our cattery remains small so we are able to give each cat and kitten individualized care, love and attention. We are focused on breeding healthy, vigorous cats and kittens with exceptional temperaments with the added bonus of beauty. Our Siamese program includes all four colors (Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac) points. And in the Oriental, we work with all colors, solids and patterns. We go to great lengths to acquire and breed cats who meet the written breed standards of both CFA and TICA as closely as possible. We work feverishly at remaining a small cattery so as not to spoil the homey atmosphere of our cattery. This gives us the time to give the best possible care and interactive playtime. This together with a grain free diet insures us of keeping excellent personalities and body conditions of our cats.

Our girls are allowed to take turns at roaming freely in our home, unfortunately, our boys do not have this luxury, for obvious reasons. They are allowed to roam freely in their room and the laundry/utility room.

I feel that socialization is of utmost importance, consequently, all kittens are born and raised in my bedroom. They are handled from the minute they are born and then several times each day, and yes, at night too. The kittens remain in my room until they are three to four weeks old. They are then moved to the nursery where they continue with “potty training 101”. They are then introduced to the main living area where they can explore and meet other members of our cat family and visitors. They also become accustomed to the usual household noises of tv, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and hair dryers. When it is time for them to be introduced to their forever homes, they are not as likely to be badly traumatized by the move and their new environment.

It is imperative that all of our cats have good temperaments. Any new cat or kitten that comes to Minghou Cattery must have come from a long line of healthy, well adjusted cats. All of our cats have been tested negative for Feline Leukemia/FIV. All cats are examined by our Veterinarian annually and given their vaccines.

All cats and kittens come with a conditional written genetic health guarantee. All kittens leave here with their first three vaccinations and sometimes even with a Rabies vaccine on board. We also provide a starter kit to include the food they like, kitty litter and a toy to take with them to their new home.

And finally, everyone who leaves with a Minghou cat or kitten gets a promise that I will be available via phone, text or email for any questions, concerns or problems that may arise.

They are also reminded to be sure to send a photo to me on each birthday of their new cat/kitten. This keeps us in touch and allows me to see where my breeding program is heading.