Minghou Family Letters

We love each and every one of our adoptive parents and friends.  Here are some of the letters we’ve received over the years…enjoy!




It seems hard to believe that it has been two weeks since I picked up Loki.

I can’t being to tell you how happy we are with our little boy.  He is fearless.  He has made friends with all the other cats in the house. He is happy to be around his human servants.  He sure let’s me know when he is hungry.  Our Ocicat has claimed him for his own. You have certainly done a great job with the breeding and raising of your kittens. I can tell you without a doubt, this is the best kitten we have ever gotten. His blue eyes are something else too!

I want to also thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for taking my calls when I was the nervous helicopter dad.

Thanks again and feel free to post this on your website.  I’ve included a couple of pictures for you.




I don’t know if you remember me, but one of the best things I ever did was visit your home in MA in the Fall of 2004 and buy one of your Siamese kittens for my wife Rachel (and myself).  I was not a Siamese expert but I did some basic research about the Siamese breed, talked to a few other owners and read about your breeding philosophy…  Apparently my luck was running high those days because what we ended up with was nothing short of the most amazing and beautiful cat that we could have ever imagined.  “Squeege” (offspring of Danny and Lacey) had a personality that just can’t be described from a blog post.  He could convert a dog lover into a cat lover in minutes…  Someday I would love to tell you about him…more lively, talkative, playful, loving and smart than I ever knew a cat could be.  People who met him described him as an old soul…

We always used to tell people about your philosophy as part of the explanation for Squeege’s disposition and personality.  Whenever we see other Siamese cats they just don’t compare to the beauties that you breed and the unique qualities just seem diluted compared to those in Squeege.  We always said that if the day came that we sought another cat it would be through Minghou.  We noticed that you moved to Louisiana and are still breeding!!!  We now live in Florida and wouldn’t hesitate to make a road trip for one of your kittens!  Thank you so much for giving us more joy and laughter than you will ever know.

Love, Derek & Rachel

(just a quick follow up….we have fallen in love with our newest babies, Enzo & Nando…thank you for sharing your home, your cattery and your precious pumpkins!)


Mingus, Indigo & Arrie

Have I told you how happy I am with my feline family? (Yes, I know…only a million times!!) Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more wonderful kitties. Each is unique and special and greatly loved. Mingus is a lovable punk who insists on endless hours of fetch, adores his sisters, and is big and beautiful. Indigo is the sweetest girl. Very pretty and endearing with a dash of mischief thrown in. Arrie is a pistol. We have been
calling her “the zipper,” because she zips around the house at lightening speeds. She loves to play with her siblings, and she is a great sleeping companion. These precious kitties give us constant joy. Thank you for
letting us have them. It has also been an absolute pleasure meeting you and George. Your love, devotion and commitment to this special breed is apparent in all that you do for them. I have lived with many Siamese and I can say from experience that the quality of your cats is superior. You produce gorgeous, healthy, well-adjusted kitties, and we are lucky enough to have three of them!

— Reinette


Blossom & Caspian

Words cannot express the love we all feel for our cats. Caspian (male bluepoint), our “King of the Castle” and “Prince of the Palace,” has grown into a handsome cat, the most handsome cat I
have ever known. We love him to pieces. Blossom (female sealpoint) is quite a little princess. She is very dainty and very affectionate. They both sleep with and groom each other. Real cute. I will never own anything but a Siamese for the rest of my life…Your cats have added a rich blessing to all our lives. Thank you so much.

— Mark



Belle is simply an absolute treasure to have in all of our lives. Neither myself nor my roommates can remember what life was like without her. She is everyone’s best friend. She sits with us when we’re sad
and never lets anyone feel left out…I love her to death! Thank you Pat!

Love Ashley, Becky,  Danielle and Meredith


Charlie & Eddy

Enclosed are my “first” photos of my kids. They are the joy of my life. Eddy and Charlie sleep, eat, play and poop together. They are inseparable. I can’t stop picking them up. They are so lovable I want to squish them! Please keep me in mind for two more? Thanks again for the two little loves of my life.

— Lynne


Plays Fetch!

I am the proud owner of one of your kittens…I have had Siamese before but not this type. He is friendly and full of the dickens. Everytime the doorbell rings, he is there to greet people and won’t leave them alone. He brings me his little ball. I have to throw it, and he brings it back. Such a little pest at times…but my husband and I both love him…Well I guess by now you know what we think of him—he is quite a pet.
Just wanted to let you know he is in good hands. Thank you.

— Loretta


Snefru aka: The Unit


Mr & Mrs Muise,

We would like to inform you to an apparent defect in your product. As you may know, we recently took delivery of one of your 2002 models, color blue.  All seems well, it runs, and the overall appearance of the exterior is quite striking, actually, (we always get comments from everyone that sees it) but there are those of us in our organization that believe there is some internal programming defects with this model.

The following is a list of our findings:

The unit seems to have a warning tone that goes off when its tank is empty. This can be very loud at times.

The unit we have exhibits a distinct “homing” behavior by following any one of us around at any given time.

The unit emits many different squeaks, chirps, growls, and, although intermittent, the occasional hiss.

When left alone, we estimate the unit to function normally, but upon our return it seems to need a recalibration that is only achieved by bodily or facial contact. (note: during calibration, it emits a long, drawn-out rumbling from the front end.)

The unit is not compatible with our holiday decorations.

It appears that its intended method of mobility is not always functional. Rather, it needs to be carried around from room to room.

 Most distressing to myself is the seemingly pre-programmed need for the unit to attach its filler spout to the softest human skin it can find and apply vacuum pressure. This is harnessed with a slurpping, gurggling sound, liquid emittance, and a rythmic back and forth of the front weight-supports. As this condition occurs only late at night and early morning, we wonder if the unit reverts to this maternal error-loop to fill its tank.

We have taken the unit to be professionally inspected, as called for in the original purchase contract, and the “professionals” can’t find anything wrong with the unit.

We have taken great strides to keep the unit functioning normally. Its tank never really gets empty, we have never submerged it in water or any other fluid, we keep it warm, we keep it with us all evening and night, and all day on the weekends.

Please advise on what we should do.

— Jon, Katy & Lucy, too.