Minghou’s new site!

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We’re so excited to have our new site under construction!  Keep an eye out for the official launch!

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      1. Hi Pat,
        Minghou1@comcast.net is is the email address that I sent the following message to you:

        I was fortunate to have one of your precious lilac oriental cats from the litter of Peek-a-boo and Bo-jangles. This was back in 2003. I remember when I had to make a pick from the litter and I was drawn to him because he was this strong little guy. I could tell that he was raised with a loving family from the moment I took him home. I named him Thai and he was the most lovable kitty and snuggled with me every night under the blankets. He also had this habit of nesting under my shirt and close to my body. I wanted to reach out to you and share with you a photo of Thai and to thank you for bringing such joy to my life.

        Unfortunately he succumbed to chronic kidney failure and we had to lay Thai to rest. It truly broke my heart.

        If you have a chance if you can please write me back. I am missing Thai and would like to see if you will be having a litter of kittens in the near future.

        1. Hi Pat,

          It was great to speak with you a few weeks back! I patiently await your next litter and to be able to get another one of your adorable, lovable, and smart kittens.


          1. Donna, It was so good to speak with you again today! Please keep me posted and let me know if I will bring you another kitten in the fall!

  1. Hello Pat, I’m having e-mail issues so I will leave a message here. I am interested in a male oriental kitten with a light gray face. Do you have any kittens? What is the cost? What is the deposit?

  2. Hi Olga! Thanks for visiting our site. Because cats are obligate carnivores we feed a combination of raw diet which I prepare and grain free canned and dry foods. Any commercial food is grain free. It may seem a bit more costly but they do not eat as much and their bodies utilize most of what they take in. And you will see a noticable difference in litter box, decreased solids.

  3. Mrs. Muise,

    I just found your website. I am Renae Davis and I emailed you earlier this morning. I live in Brandon, MS and did not know about your wonderful cattery. I was referred to you by Mrs. Vicki Jo Harrison. I had sent her an email trying to find a chocolate or seal point male. Your cats are so very beautiful. I cannot wait to talk with you. I would love to call you at your convenience or you can call me anytime if you prefer. I left the details in my email to you.
    We just lost our 10 year old boy and he was not my first Siamese but my first Oriental and he was a rescue. I had no idea about the tremendous personality difference than a traditional Siamese. My grandparents raised the traditional and I have had a Siamese all of my life, but Graceson, my first Oriental Seal point, forever changed me. I miss him so much. I feel like I can breathe again now since I was led to you. It gives me hope that we will have another boy. I was interested in adopting a retiree if you had one but after looking at the website I would love a male chocolate point kitten or retiree 1 to 3 years old. I look forward to speaking with you and getting on a waiting list or whatever is needed, if you can just help me I would greatly appreciate it. I can get you references or anything that you would require.
    Thank you so very much,


  4. Hi Pat, I hope you are well and weren’t impacted by the hurricane. I have tried to reach you since July via phone, email, and text but haven’t heard back. My husband and I have been planning for our new kitty as promised in mid-October when you come up to MA. If you would please respond to us.

    Thanks very much,

  5. Good Morning Pat,
    First off, my name is Michael Parnagian (South Windsor, CT) and I would like to congratulate you on your new site and the adorable Oriental Siamese babies that are produced from the Minghou Cattery. Having previously purchased 2 of your adorable kittens (2007 and 2017), they are an absolute pleasure to have.

    Recently, my beloved Seal Point, Mika Tan (Dancer and Mimi Litter), passed away and was very heartbroken over the loss. Mika Tan was absolutely beautiful and very connected to me. I thank you for reaching out and communicating your condolences. Your caring nature helped ease a bit of our pain.

    Finally, our baby boy, Minky San is welcoming the opportunity for a new playmate and we are gracious that you are considering our home for another adorable Oriental Siamese baby. I know Minky San will be very happy to have a newbie by his side.

    Again, thanks Pat for your caring and graciousness!

    -Michael Parnagian and Ann Pelletier

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